About Us

 BACHDIM stands for Family.


BACHDIM is our affordable family brand that showcases stylish, well-made clothes for the whole family and was conceptualised out of our love of dressing up together and matching as a family.

The idea for BACHDIM came from my blog and in particular, the Fashion Friday section, where every Friday I would post a family picture of me, Irfan and the kids, wearing whatever clothes we were feeling at that moment.

We always wanted to be matching with one another but found it very difficult to find street wear that was smart and casual for all of us, so out of that, we knew that one day we would like to start our own family label.

From that need, BACHDIM began to grow and creating it has been like having another baby. Irfan and I have spent a lot of time designing and working with various colours and fabrics, trying new things and seeing what works best for each of us. We are both very proud of what the BACHDIM label stands for.

BACHDIM is truly a family collaboration and we have involved our two children, Kiyomi and Kenji, on the journey with us. They have modelled and told us what they like and what they don’t like about the kids’ clothes, so BACHDIM really does stand for Family.

We hope you enjoy BACHDIM as much as we have enjoyed making it and we invite you to share your family pictures on Instagram #teamBachdim.


From our family to yours,


Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim


BACHDIM is produced in Bali, with all the production and manufacturing on site at Sew Happy Bali.


Contact Information

Phone: +62 82337497573

Email: contactbachdim@gmail.com

Instagram: @b__achdim

URL: www.bachdim.com